Pitmans Farm Gate Sales.

Good news here at Pitmans Farm we are opening our Farm Gate Sales on Saturday 3rd November from 9.30 – 3.30 every Saturday. Come and join us for the best Fresh Berkshire Pork, Rose Veal, Lamb, Fresh Veg, Deli, Cheese and other local product.

If you are a local producer and you would like to sell your products at our Farm Gate Sales please let us know, we are always happy to promote other local producers. For contact detalis visit http://www.pitmansfarm.com Is this Devon’s smallest Farm Shop, come and visit us and see what you think.


Hog Roast at Gittisham

Another successful mini Hog Roast at Gittisham Village Hall on SaturdayImage

Pitmans Mini Hog Roast are a great way to have a truly wonder hog roast experience for a few as 25-30

People, Price for mini hog roast start from as little as £275.


Why not check out our web site www.pitmansfarm.com for more details of all out Hog Roast.

Why not think about booking a pig keeping course for someone special in your life this Christmas or birthday


Guernsey Rose Veal Calves

The Guernsey Rose Veal calves have had their first taste of grass this weekend, the latest batch of Rose Veal calves were taken out into the field on Friday.

20120811-062045 PM.jpg

The first of the black & white Rose Veal calves have now been sent off, so we have wonderfully Rose Veal for sale along with our Berkshire Pork & Dexter Beef, see our new web site http://www.pitmansfarm.com for prices and more details.

New Pitmans Web site

The new Pitmans Farm web site is now up and running and live, why not give it a look, at www.pitmansfarm.com. you can find out all about the farm, our animals, the wonderful traditional and rare breeds meat, Our Hog Roast, butchery and pig-keeping course and much more.

Fern & Crystal

Crystal has now had her baby’s she had 12 early this morning.

20120521-113755 AM.jpg
She is a very good Mother and hopefully all the little ones will be ok.

20120521-114111 AM.jpg</a

Fern and her little ones now 3 weeks old have today been move to their outside paddock.

20120521-114424 AM.jpg

As you can see it is very tiring work playing in the sunshine, but it gives mum time to have a good feed on fresh grass.

20120521-114829 AM.jpg

Fern’s baby’s

See how we have grown.
Ferns baby’s are now 3 weeks old and full of fun, poor Fern can’t even get any sleep without everyone climbing all over her, the joys of piggy motherhood.

Fern has now had her piglets

20120429-093059 PM.jpg
On Friday night Fern had 11 piglets, she had 8 males and 3 females, here they are all sleeping happily

20120520-104322 PM.jpg

Mother in waiting

Meet Fern our first breeding sow, she is now 4 and a half years old and just a few days away from farrowing.